Our Story

Wyecoft Trim & Doors Group is proud to celebrate 25 years in the construction industry.

In 1991, Carlos Macedo started North End Carpentry, a small company serving the Barrie and GTA regions with just a few employees. Over the years, his hard work and dedication has transformed that small company into a well known and respected business now known as Wyecroft Trim & Doors Group Inc., employing over 100 people.

Whether he’s working for one or multiple clients, Carlos Macedo’s strong core values, honesty, integrity and respect for others remain his standard for doing business. These core values, combined with his dedicated team of employees have extended the reputation and customer base of Wyecroft Trim for the Greater Toronto Area all the way to Ottawa.

The success of Wyecroft Trim would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of long time business partner Philomena Blake. Together with her strong ambition and drive, Carlos and Philomena built a reputation for the company within in the construction industry which is based on credibility and respect.

Upon Philomena’s retirement in 2016, Carlos Macedo began leading Wyecroft Trim. Alongside his team of dedicated long time employees and managers, he continues doing business with the same small family business core values he started out with back in 1991.